Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 940 Schedule Return

Instructions and Help about Who 940 Schedule Return

Okay I want to talk about form 940 and this is gonna be demo problem number one actually this is gonna be a three part presentation this first part I call them calling it part one is gonna be just kind of a set up job getting the information so that we can eventually do a form 940 and the second part will be page one of the form 940 and then the the last part will be page 2 of the form 940 and schedule a and then some miscellaneous but right now we're just set up with a demo problem one here's the demo problem one we're supposed to calculate the food of taxable earnings quarterly in annually and it says put your answers in the second table now you may be looking at this going 2nd table what do you mean I just see one table well I've zoomed it in pretty pretty strong here where you can see the numbers the second table is below my yellow highlight dot here you see you can't you can't really see it you actually can't even see all the first table the first tables got the first and second quarter but actually there's a third and fourth quarter to the right so I've zoomed in pretty pretty drastically let me scroll down and show you what the bottom table would look like sound if you recognize this is the top the bottom part of the first table and this is the bottom this is a different table but what this is is the taxable earnings alright this is what we're going to be trying to do I know it's still kind of zoomed in too much let me do some things to excel them kind of make the columnist more narrow and almost kind of do a little squeezy jobs if I can't get to all the quarters all we can see right now is first Senate water let me see if I can get a little bit better here okay here we go once again now here's the part of the top table showing as well we're mainly gonna be focusing on the bottom table but this bottom table we're supposed to calculate the taxable earnings looking at the top table which has the total earnings but what it really amounts to is the bottom table has got numbers that are wrong these numbers that are down here right now are the total earnings numbers and we've got to change him okay for example the first one we got to change this Robert guy okay I want to remind you the ceiling for Fuda is 7 and dollars you probably already know that so when we're calculating taxable earnings we have to really be looking at that ceiling so my question down here is with the entire fourth quarter amount be taxable go make $2,200 would that be taxable well what I've already done is I've already added after the first three quarters I've said well but where I got the mm mm mm I don't know if you see that or not I basically got that from right here I said well let's add all those up let's see what the cumulative earnings of this guy Robert somebody let's see what it would be right to this little dot right here and it was right before you get to the green right before you start the fourth quarter how much of this guy made well this guy's made $6,000 right so the question is how much is taxable during the fourth quarter if he'd already made $6,000 yeah he's gonna make $2,200 but is that be a taxable earnings you see the tax burns is what I want to put right here well if he's made $6,000 let's see I don't think I don't think that would be they wouldnt between 200 would it how much more does he have to go let's see 7,000 minus sick yeah 7,000 minus 6 is $1,000 in it you with me on how I got that yeah the guy's gonna make $2,200 now here's the top table again but the amount this taxable that's what we're dealing on the bottom table this is the taxable earnings we're officially gonna need that number Duff you do a 940 return so we've got to be sure we get it and sometimes problems play little games I'm hiding the information so I'm just I'm teaching you how to work a little problem here if you didn't get that one let's go to let's go the next guy gets almost the same way it's just go on okay here's Santa Claus I know I got goofy names of these people okay Santa's over here gonna make two thousand twenty three hundred and twenty three hundred at this point I was trying to add that in my head and I was thinking we're getting close to seven so yeah well I got up my calculator and twelve two thousand was three three hundred plus twenty three hundred that's a sixty six hundred dollars so we're getting real close to the ceiling in it he's gonna make that peak number there the $2,400 yeah but how much of that $25.00 is taxable would you agree with my answer seven thousand minus six thousand six hundred only four hundred hours would be taxable in it so where that pink number is I need to put four hundred dollars right there that's what I did yes $24 is the guys talk learning for Santa you know poor Santa gets a little slight raise for the month the December all that work it is burnings went from twenty three hundred of $2,400 well but them out this taxable as far as food uh anyway is concerned is four hundred dollars let's go to another employees go to the third one this is Cassie well what about Cassie for.

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