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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When 940 Schedule R Form

Instructions and Help about When 940 Schedule R Form

All right here we're gonna take a look at ferry now w-2 forms when you ask for the w-2 on the IRS website this is what you're going to see the IRS unlike other firms the IRS does not want you to fill out this form online or even to print it out and and do it by hand you cannot do any w-2s or 1099s by hand you will be paralyzed you will get a penalty sent to you for every w2 that you sent in by hand you also cannot again type on these on the screen here you have to go into the IRS and get the actual form and it comes in multiple copies and then you take it to an old-fashioned typewriter and type on it or are you have software and the software has gotten approval from the IRS for their w2 version which will have the correct numbers of the boxes like this button may not look exactly like this but you cannot use this form the time here they're just showing you this for informational purposes if you do this form it cannot scan into their system and then they are not happy with that this word part of the form which is a it's going to and you can see down here at the bottom of each copy where it's going to go this is copy a for the Social Security Administration pay photocopies not acceptable you have to have an original because the photocopies will not scan in their equipment okay do not cut folder staple forms on this page you can see how important it is to be exactly correct okay this next copy says copy one for state city or local tax department so this is where what...