Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How 940 Schedule Return

Instructions and Help about How 940 Schedule Return

Okay this is our final session on form 940 we're going to emphasize how to fill out page two also how to fill out Schedule A and then we're going to talk about some tax deposit deadlines what we did in the last session of the session - this is the third session we filled out page one of form 940 actually when we did page one we found out that since our line 8 there that you probably can't see I blew that up since line 8 total food at tax liability was only three hundred seven dollars and 20 cents for the entire year the IRS basis says oh well you don't even have to fill out this little section here which was part five and so all we filled out our name I guess we want to put our preparers name here and but basically the page - you did not have to complete well we need to talk about how to complete that anyway so what I did on the instructions - the problem you may have forgotten the instructions by now but basically instructions of the problem says that well okay even though the tax liability is less than 500 let's just go in and do it anyway so we're gonna go ahead and do it anyway just so you'll know how to do it what this is asking for is the food of tax liability for each quarter not the deposits we're gonna talk about the deposits later by the way well what is the tax liability for each quarter quarter number one quarter number two third quarter fourth quarter and then we're gonna get a total okay well where could we get that well let's refresh our memory from session one remember session one we have information you may have forgotten that we actually got taxable earnings by quarter okay so we have a line right here you remember the thirty thousand dollar line but you may have forgotten that we have tax Marines of each quarter okay now I'm gonna pull in just that just this line this last line where my yellow dot is I'm gonna pull that it on the top of the next page you kind of scroll down I guess you could say I'm just gonna put that up here at the top okay now these would not be the answer of what goes over here on line 16 a 16 B etcetera because these are not the tax that's the taxable earnings in this case they're asking us the actual tax no big deal to get a tax you multiply the the earnings times the tax rate if you realize that point oh eight that I have written down here the tax rates right paano eight comes from the fact that food that has a text rate of 0.8% point zero eight point eight percent same thing so all I've done is I've taken the eighteen thousand dollars times the point oh eight and that gives me one hundred and forty four dollars then I did the same thing for the $4,300 multiply that times the tax rate to ten thousand five hundred times the tax rate and then the $5,600 times the tax rate of 0.08 and I get 4480 and all of those up then I get three hundred seven dollars and twenty cents everybody with this in a lot of what I did all I did was take the quarterly taxable earnings multiply it to get the various dollars here okay there's three of seven twenty the beauty is you can even check it after you get through with it you can you can check it by just simply do what it says right here at the rice is the total must equal line twelve line twelve what is that talking about that's talking about form 940 the first page line twelve this is like I took a little piece of took my scissors and I just kind of cut it out I don't want to have to flip all the way back to the previous slides and had to go through all that malarkey this is the answer for that we got when we did Session two this was this was lying twelve 307 twenty well then this should equal 307 twenty right there okay that should equal line twelve okay so whatever you can also get the 307 20 if you wanted to by taking the total of 38 four times point oh eight well that's how we got line twelve basically but anyway that that's you don't have to do that just look over and on the first page of 940 and there it is okay so that's that's not hard we part six in part seven or basically where your signatures and stuff like that goes and so really the only thing there is to do on the page two of any significance is part five and part five is not really really hard to do if you had to do it I want to talk about a little different topic it's kind of related though a little bit I will talk about when did you deposit your food of taxes what are the deadlines talk about tax deadlines everybody knows tax debt are important it's important for the food to tax deadlines as well this is the way it works although it's a little little tricky than you might think it would be says if your undeposited food of taxes more than $500 on these very states then you make your deposits by these very states now basically what it is is that's the end of these are the dates of the end the quarter these are the dates are the month that's the quarter the last day of those years so like the first quarter March 31st well your taxes are due on April 30th okay well.

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